the supernatural world is vast and varied, and creature lore depends on the media it's coming from or the cultures that passed down stories. we've collected here our version of the mythology of these creatures, and done our best to address a lot of common questions about each. if you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out through our dropbox!

immortal creatures who survive by DRINKING THE BLOOD OF THE LIVING, vampires have been around for thousands of years. the name vampire was popularized in western europe in the 18th century after reports of a mass hysteria based on folk beliefs that lead to corpses being staked and humans being accused of vampirism. also known as SHTRIGA in albania, VRYKOLAKAS in greece and STRIGOI in romania, in modern times blood-feeders have accepted the name vampire and made it their own.

the first vampire was created by the daemon prince LUCIFER in a pact for immortal life, and have propagated throughout the world since then. vampires are extremely sensitive to the sun's light and can only be killed by prolonged SUN EXPOSURE, a WOODEN STAKE through the heart or through DECAPITATION. a new vampire can be made by draining the blood of a human and replacing it with the blood of a vampire. the human body will die, and a vampire will rise the next night. more info

humans with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf, also known as LYCANTHROPES, these semi-immortal creatures have been widespread in folklore since the early ages. the word werewolf comes from the old english compound of were, meaning man, and wulf, meaning wolf. persecuted and hunted alongside witches in the middle ages, these cursed humanoids have seen a multitude of myths and misinformation surrounding them. having to endure and irresistible shift at the FULL MOON, werewolves are also able to transform in their daily lives with varying degrees of control.

werewolves are created through the BITE OR DEEP SCRATCH of a transformed werewolf, or they can be born to at least one werewolf parent, with the werewolf gene being dominant - a human child will never be born to a werewolf. upon transformation they have an appearance and build similar to that of a dire wolf, with markings and colorations that vary based on skin tone, hair color and more. more info

a legendary creature with widespread folk beliefs, the origin of the faerie is unclear. mythical beings capable of living to be thousands of years old, faeries typically are associated with nature, magic and goodness. the word fairy derives from the early english word faerie, meaning realm of the fays and there have been a multitude of ways to spell faerie over the centuries. faeries are from another plane called elphyne, though have been seen on earth since the beginning of humankind. as violence, war, and overdevelopment became widespread among humans, faeries began to be seen less and less, spending more time back in their home realm.

generally comparable to humans in appearance, faeries are in tune with nature, earth and generally practice magic related to plants, herbs, the earth, the celestial heavens and more. especially good at dream walking and dream manipulation, faeries have always had deep rooted history in mysticism. more info

Tales of daemons permeate mythology throughout the world, the original Greek word daimon once meant a lesser diety or guiding spirit. throughout the centuries daemons have been painted as evil, tricksters and mischievous creatures to be banished from the earth. only able to be seen on earth's plane by possessing a human body, daemons have gotten something of a bad reputation. daemons inhabit their own plane and seek their own means, antagonizing the humans and other creatures alike.

a daemon is mostly immortal, unable to be killed on earth, but able to be destroyed once back on their home plane. daemons possess the unique ability to make pacts, offering humans or other creatures powers, vitality, and more in exchange for whatever suits their needs. daemons draw from a font of a deep power in their home plane the nether and can disperse this magic as needed to fulfill their pacts, provided they receive what they were promised in return. more info

witches, warlocks, mages, druids, sorcerers, necromancers and more, magic users have inhabited the earth for a long time. generally human born, some magic users are born with innate powers, and others find power within pacts with daemons or faeries. magic encompasses many fronts, from nature to fire, from water to air, from pagan ritual to spell slinging frontliner, a user's magic is tinged by the way it is bestowed upon them. daemons lend themselves to fire users, faeries to those who wish to enchant nature, and pure born magi show their inklings at a young age.

though born magic users are rare, a few do come around within a century, and typically they are destined for greatness. pacts that last for generations are not uncommon, and often born witches and warlocks who feel the effects of those pacts made by their ancestors are mistaken for natural-born magi, diluting the recognition of those gifted few. more info