VERITATEM is a writing-focused supernatural community set in the fictional city of FALLHAVEN outside of SEATTLE, washington. we want to cultivate a welcoming, plot-driven environment for anyone who wants to write about supernatural themes!

IS THIS JUST SLICE OF LIFE WITH A TWIST? No! In fact we want to be the furthest thing from it. We want to encourage writing, plotting and shenanigans. Your characters are existing in a world of the supernatural, magic is everywhere and things can very easily get out of control. Don't feel like you need to be constrained by realism to our world, this is au! Maybe you'll join one of our SYNDICATES and head out on mission plots monthly, or maybe your character will own a local business that puts on events. Maybe things will happen that will effect ALL OF FALLHAVEN and your character will be a part of that.. We want to build a collaborative world and make something everyone is excited for. If you're looking for just a spooky sol comm, we're not it!

WHAT KIND OF CHARACTER CAN I BE? the species we have available are vampires, werewolves, faeries, daemons, magic users, and humans. For now we want people to dig in and establish these cores species, but we may in future allow subspecies or even new ones. For more info about our species, head to our SPECIES PAGE.

These species can all have a variety of alignments, goals, and backgrounds and playing as an "evil" character is allowed. Just keep in mind that writers are allowed to choose that they might not want to interact with an evil-aligned character.

Named daemons are NOT allowed.

WHAT KIND OF SUPERNATURAL KNOWLEDGE DO I NEED? None! While we have pulled inspiration from multiple sources including books, tv shows, and movies, all that you need is to look over our LORE and PREMISE and understand that this is a magical world where anything can happen!

☾ an ic or character relevant ooc journal without any extra letters, symbols or numbers with no old entries visible.
☾ backdated ic and ooc entries.
☾ character info in any format, as long as it includes name, age, species, occupation and some history. you do not have to have your character completely fleshed out but give us some sense of who they are.
☾ at least 2 examples of your writing, through narratives or scenes. if you don't have a recent sample of your writing we will also accept a narrative written as the character you're applying with.

PLAYED-BYS all pbs should be over the age of 18, and within 5 years of the age of the character you're creating. in the example of vampires who live to be hundreds of years old, the pb must be within 5 years of the age the vampire was turned. white-washing a pb will never be allowed.

CHARACTER LIMIT the per writer character limit is 3 per writer. you must be active on the fp (writing scenes, commenting, making posts) with your current character before applying for more. you must disclose if you are applying for more than one character so we can keep track of limits. failure to tell us about other roles is grounds for removal, full stop.

REJECTION in the even your application is deleted, it is because we didn't feel like you would be a good fit for this group. we will contact you if there is something easily fixed about your application, such as being unable to see your examples. we will not respond to pms or comments about why you were rejected.


MONTHLY ACTIVITY we require one form of activity a month, and it can take any form you want it to - journal posts, narratives, social media updates, or threading - though we want to encourage writing.

REMOVALS removals will be done on the last sunday of the month. anyone who has not met the prior month's activity requirement, and doesn't have a current extension will be up for removal.
HIATUSΒ & EXTENSIONS we understand that real life comes first, just drop us a note on the member dropbox about what's going on and we'd be happy to work with you so long as you don't take advantage of this. cocurrent extensions will not be allowed.

MID-MONTH CHECK INS around the middle of the month we will post a screened check-in post. you must reply to this post within a few days or you will be up for immediate removal.


JOURNALS journals should be your primary place for posting narratives, updates, and random interactive entries. the internet is a vast place, and supernaturals and their allies have come up with ways to keep in contact. think of it as social media, or message boards.

CUSTOMS function how they do elsewhere, as private chats for your characters.

THREADS/SCENES should be posted in our main community fallhaven. though it is not required, we want to encourage people to post open scenes to promote an active writing environment. if you haven't realized by now we are going to be a WRITING HEAVY COMMUNITY so if you are looking primarily for ooc plotting, or feel uncomfortable writing/interacting outside customs, we might not be the group for you. of course all public writing is optional.

anything extremely graphic or NSFW should be behind a cut-tag and marked with appropriate warnings. graphic adult content should strictly be kept in private customs.
EVENTS/PLOTS will periodically be introduced by the mods for the entire community. these could vary from strange weather patterns, human encroachment on fallhaven, or a city event! smaller events and prompts might also be announced via our HEADLINES posts! Smaller events and plot points are voluntary, but bigger plot points that affect the entire city cannot be ignored by your character(s).

we want to encourage our members to submit plot ideas and headlines of their own, to help build the community and the world we are all writing in, but this is not required!

SYNDICATE PLOTS interested in joining one of our syndicates? generally monthly a syndicate will be involved in a mission, plot or team-building activity. dates of these plots will be announced in advance but please only join a syndicate if you have time to devote to plots like this!

CREATING YOUR OWN SYNDICATE means that you'll be in charge of creating content, plots and activities for your crew. mods will approve of ideas and help to flesh out plots but we will NOT do all the work. syndicates also function as a team, no one person has to be solely in charge of generating ideas.