supernatural creatures have existed for thousands of years, living in the shadows of the world alongside their human counterparts. secrecy was upheld for survival’s sake, small clusters of supernatural beings living underground, participating in their own feuds and power struggles. at the same time certain families of humans, committed to eradication of the supernatural, attempted to maintain order and protect humanity. some supernaturals were allowed grace, as long as they didn't antagonize the humans, but for centuries, the supernatural community as a whole remained firmly underground.

this illusion shattered in 2010, when the radicalized pastor joseph monroe formed THE RADIANT DAWN and broadcast the execution of a vampire in the morning sun's light. outraged vampire groups outed themselves, advocating for equal rights alongside humans, with several other species following suite. a branch of the government created to try and register these supernaturals was formed, and extremist groups on all sides reared their ugly heads.

a highly regarded werewolf, rian mercer, formed the orginization noctiluca and gave a highly publicized interview on good morning america, once and for all confirming the existence of the supernatural and stressing the peaceful lives they could live side by side with the humans of the world. tensions eased.. for a little while.

communities began to form throughout the world, strength could, of course, be found in numbers and supernaturals felt safer living together. while not completely taking over cities, they began to settle in and around certain places, prized for their supernatural leylines or simply the cloudy weather that allowed for certain creatures to live better lives. seattle, washington became one such city.

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the pacific northwest is an attractive location for the supernatural, known for it's heavily forested surroundings, beautiful beaches, and of course the hustle and bustle of one of the largest cities on the west coast, seattle. averaging some of the highest precipitation in the nation, the cloudy climate makes a happy home for those noctural creatures.

population about 750,000, with humans still outnumbering all supernaturals and magic users.
mayor Maria Luna, elected in 2018
tech the headquarters of several large tech companies, seattle attracts all sorts of tech people
space needle Built in 1961 for the 1962 World Fair

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the council of three
a semi-formal group of three supernatural 'elders' who do their best to protect the seattle area, and to help foster relationships between the different species, factions and people that make up the population. not in any kind of actual power, the elders are just generally respected, regarded members of their community.

some of our in-game factions are joinable by players, which allow for character growth, interaction, and participation in plotlines that take place in a more focused landscape than the community at large. more information on those faction roles and joining can be found here! interested in taking on the running of one of these factions for yourself? comment the dropbox for more information

the radiant dawn
a radicalized group who believe in the supremacy of humans over the supernatural. after a public execution which spurred the supernatural into making themselves known, the radiant dawn have continued in their crusade, with some of the sects more violent than others. npc only

founded by rian mercer noctiluca acts as a liason group between the supernaturals and humans, doing their best to foster communication and peaceful coexistance. noctiluca remains open to any species who wants to join and help their cause. PLAYER RUN

ad astra
a national pack of werewolves with smaller sub-sets located throughout america, ad astra focus on protection and enforcement. they often partner with noctiluca to provide security for their events, and have been known to clash with the radiant dawn.

the black sun
a coalition of vampires who directly oppose the radiant dawn after an execution of one of their own. the black sun encourages any and all vampires to join, and detest being given no as an answer.

the killjoys
a guild of for-hire mercenaries, who delight in any kind of job. the killjoys have been around the united states for years, but only recently formed a seattle contingent, headed by leader pesh martell, to do business with the supernatural of seattle that may need some specialized services. PLAYER RUN