Supernaturals have existed as long as humans, if not longer in some cases. Living in secrecy for the preservation of their existence, small communities have existed in the shadows throughout the world, while some remain loners. It was not without strife, species clashed with one another for dominance, in particular vampires and werewolves. A treaty was proposed in the early 1900s to stop the blood shed on all sides, but only went into effect in 1907. A century ago, in the wake of that treaty, specific haven cities were established across the globe to give supernaturals a place to exist in the open without fear. Protected by enchantments and human determents, these cities have flourished.

Each city is ruled over by a council of the five primary species, and these hidden cities have become meccas for creatures fleeing persecution for simply being who they are. As of 2015 it was officially voted on to begin to allow humans who sympathize with the supernatural to coexist in these cities and a human has been appointed to each city's council. Human residents of the city are voluntarily marked with a magical enchantment and instead of seeing a dilapidated, abandoned town, they can see these haven cities for the thriving communities they are.

But the inclusion of humans has not gone without conflict. Secrets have been shared and new groups and certain enterprising corporations are cropping up with a vested in the supernatural. For good or for bad..
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THE CITY OF FALLHAVEN Established as one of the very first haven cities, fallhaven's location was selected for the abundance of cloudy weather and the safety of the vast forests of the pacific northwest surrounding it. Primarily inhabited by vampires and werewolves at first, it has sine drawn interest of every kind of supernatural being.

as fallhaven is a haven city, meant to provide a safe space for the supernatural of the world to exist in peace exactly as they are, very little excessive violence is tolerated.

population about 50,000, split between the various species, humans and magic users.
government ruled over by THE COUNCIL OF SIX
nearby about a 45 minute drive outside of seattle, washington.
protections like all of the other haven cities, fallhaven has been protected by layers of enchantments intended to keep the community safe.

Fallhaven is lucky to be a bustling community of eclectic creators, and almost every business is locally owned. Set along the beautiful, clear, - River, Fallhaven has an established affinity for the water. The boardwalk that stretches from downtown north is full of shops, restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere. Cozy but open, Fallhaven is an overgrown paradise of nature, built up within the thick natural forest, nature is everywhere for residents of Fallhaven, making it now much more popular amongst the Fae.

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the council of six
a formal group of six species elders, who only just recently allowed a human elder for the first time in centuries, the council oversees the PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE OF THE SUPERNATURAL AND HUMAN COMMUNITIES of fallhaven, the other haven cities, and the world as a whole. lawmakers, judgement dealers, and a wealth of knowledge and advice, this council acts in the best interest of the city of fallhaven, with several of it's standing members having been a part of the community since fallhaven's founding.

For as long as anyone can remember, there has always been a need for either the policing of other supernaturals - a task no human force could accomplish - or for groups to stand up against imminent human threats. Teams of supernaturals, and now humans, have been formed within each of the haven cities to respond to tasks within their geographical location, and Fallhaven is no different.

New syndicates must be approved by the council of six of their home base city before they can begin operating. Often the council assigns or offers tasks and missions for the welfare of the city, keeping these syndicates busy.

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each ruled over by an elected council of six species elders, these are the haven cities throughout the world.
FALLHAVEN outside of seattle and one of the biggest of the haven cities, fallhaven has become the mecca for the supernatural of america and beyond. set within the deep forests of the pacific northwest and favored by many of the night-oriented species for the cloud cover and rainy weather.
STATHMORE just outside of london, a smaller community primarily of faeries and werewolves. centered around one of the original fae gateways to the earth, this homey little city voted to remain mostly secret from human populations.
POLTRAGOW this sun-filled city outside of sydney australia is ultimately not popular with the vampires of the world, but remains a welcoming place to be.
SOLARIS a favorite of druids and those who love nature, this city tucked away in the Brazilian rainforest is the most remote of all of the cities. very little humans have come to live there, or even know about it.
AESTON the second largest haven city, aeston is one of the newer ones established in 2000 but grew quickly. a good mixture of weather and climate makes it ideal for most any species, but it lacks the greenery that fallhaven, solaris and others boast.
GREENFLOWER outside of lagos, within the omo forestry reserve this lush city is also one of the smaller cities, still getting established. a massive fire tore through this city shortly after it's founding, at the fault of a demon and they've been slowly rebuilding.