sometime in the 1200s
The first Vampire and the first Werewolf
Lucifer and the demon Lilith made their way to earth at some point within the year 1200, and upon challenging one another set out to create new creatures to terrorize mankind.

Lucifer met with a man who desired immortality, and after a short discussion decided to grant it to him, but it came with a price. The man was cursed to drink human blood as his only sustenance, and he was no longer able to experience the sun anymore. This man went on to create more of his kind, an unintended side-effect of Lucifer's plan, but not one he was displeased with.

Lilith found a woman who desired power, to be as strong as the wolves she hunted and she gave it to her, but she was to be half wolf herself. Cursed to change on the full moon, she would live long years with this affliction, and would create others with her recklessness.
january 23, 1907
for centuries vampires and werewolves clashed, though no one could ever determine the root cause. something about being two incredibly powerful creatures in the world of the mortals, instead of banding them together forced them further apart.

eventually this became too much however and their bloody clashes were going to exterminate them before the humans could. some of the eldest of the vampires and of the werewolves began to meet in secret, meetings that turned aggressive and violent often, but after some years they were able to come to an agreement.

the lycan-sanguine treaty, a binding treaty of both species to ensure peace amongst them and to end the cycle of violence and hatred. signed into binding existence in 1907, it has so far kept the species peaceful with one another, even if prejudices still remain.
july 13, 1923
during one of the brightest months came the darkest times for the supernatural community on a friday the 13th in july. security had grown lax, secrecy was at a minimum and the knowledge of those creatures from the beyond was becoming too widespread. a group of enterprising humans descended on a town where a community of the supernatural had made their home and staked countless vampires in their slumber before moving on to the rest.

demons ran, jumping back to the nether as soon as they were safe enough to complete the ritual, magic users teleported or fled however they could, the fae vanished through their gateway and sealed it off behind them… countless vampires and werewolves died, and secrecy became once more paramount. remembered as a dark, hideous stain on supernatural history, the need for truly safe spaces became overwhelming.
september 15, 1940
first haven cities established
it wasn't until 1940 that the goal of haven cities finally became a reality. able to purchase enough land thanks to the generous donations of some of the more eternal creatures, fallhaven outside of seattle, Stathmore outside of london and Poltragow on the outskirts of sydney were established. after the massacre in 1923 supernaturals were grateful for a place to go where they would be able to live in their own way, in the open.

These cities were built up in secret, organized over the years through a variety of contractors and supernatural owned businesses that would be able to pull off such a feat. enchanted and protected by magicks of powerful witches, mages, druids and more, these cities turned away all humans who came by them, and became exactly what they were meant to.. havens.
the mid 1990s
lucifer comes to the earth... again
in the middle of the 90s, lucifer once again came to earth to stir up trouble. his recklessness nearly brought the supernatural to the forefront of people's minds again and it was decided by the elders of each haven city that he would need to be banished.

the strongest among them began to work up the courage and firepower they needed and lucifer was confronted outside of new york city in december of 1997. lucifer vowed that he would return to cause trouble, but he has not been heard of since that day.
april 11, 2000
the next three haven cities established
the need for more cities in more locations was becoming too great, and it was decided that three more haven cities would be established around the globe. solaris within the rainforests of brazil, aeston outside of toronto, and greenflower settled in nigeria. these new cities allowed for supernaturals to not have to travel so far to find a safe space for themselves.

this is also when portals were created to make travel between these cities happen in the snap of a finger.
november 1, 2015
humans clued in
after violent debate on both sides, it came down to a vote amongst the 30 elders of the different haven cities if humans should be slowly clued into the supernatural world and even further clued in to the existence of these secret cities. just barely managing to scrape by with approval, the first humans were approached, often by family members who had been turned or by human born magic users who had left home to train themselves

this shifted slowly to start including humans who had shown support of supernaturals and had been interested and active about them in past. authors, bloggers, etc. the plan worked well at first, and the humans introduced took to it well, even being willing to receive magical enchantments that allowed them to visit and live in the 6 haven cities.
february, 2018
interest is piqued..
however peaceful human knowledge was never going to last, and eventually it started to make it's way out into more mainstream knowledge. whispers, dismissed at first grew louder and some parties started to become interested. companies, scientists, researchers looking for subjects to study, samples to be taken and more...

coming soon