→ one of the most prominent supernatural creatures in human lore, vampires were created in the earth's infancy, when a man named romarich made a pact with the demon lucifer for immortality, but was cursed with the unending hunger for human blood.

    • • vampires' bodies are eternally trapped at the age they were turned, though their minds continue to age. the older a vampire becomes, the stronger and more in touch with their powers they are.
    • • vampires have to feed twice a month, and can feed from humans or animals. they do not have to fully drain their prey to feel full, some however, choose to.
    • • vampires can feed from most anything with a pulse, including other supernatural creatures. each species has it's own unique taste that calls differently to vampires, like different types of wine.
    • • sunlight is extremely damaging to vampires, with exposure immediately beginning to burn their flesh. over 5 minutes of exposure will kill a vampire.
    • • to become a vampire, a human must be drained of their blood and some of the blood must be replaced by the blood of a vampire. the human body will then die, and a fledgling will rise the next night.
    • • vampires and their makers share a special bond, an ability to sense where one another is, a telepathic link, and the ability for the maker to command their progeny. this bond can be broken if the maker says the phrase "as your maker, i release you."
    • • the only way to kill a vampire other than sun exposure is to drive a wooden stake through their heart, or to cut off their head.


    → infected humanoids who have to endure an unresistable shift into a wolf's form at the full moon.

    • • werewolves can be born, inheiriting their status from one or both parents. young wolves are not born with the innate ability to shift - this generally occurs sometime during their youth. once shifting has begun, the full moon will start to affect them.
    • • the bite of a fully transformed werewolf will infect the bitten with the curse of lycanthropy. werewolves created in this way struggle to harness their powers, unless they join a pack who can help to guide them.
    • • though they are able to transform at will in day to day life, werewolves are unable to resist the call of the full moon and will be forced to shift for it's entirety. a werewolf's form is most similar to that of a large dire wolf.
    • • born werewolves have a natural advantage in keeping their mind during their forced transformations, where as bitten werewolves might struggle. a werewolf of course can learn to master this shift and keep their mind, however this takes time & practice.
    • • werewolf lifespan is only slightly longer than that of a human's, up to 200 years, but their aging is heavily arrested and they are highly resistant to human injury.
    • • werewolves are highly vulnerable to pure silver, the quickest way to kill a werewolf is to shoot them with a silver bullet.
  • Witches / Warlocks

    → humans who have created a pact with entities of the beyond - demons, faeries, fiends, asteriae - in exchange for magical power.

    • • the tie between a witch or warlock and their patron is double edged. the human gains powers unspeakable from the font of the supernatural, but they are compelled to obey the whims of the creature they have made their pact with if they want to further their power. this doesn't mean all pacts are completely master/servant, some relationships are friendly, antagonistic, uneasy, or romantic.
    • • witches and warlocks have the same lifespan as humans, and are susceptible to all human injury. however their diety might see fit to resurrect them, if they aren't done with them on earth.
    • • a witch or warlock's powers are dependant on the being they made the pact with, ie those pacted with demons will be better with pyromancy, etc.

    pagan followers
  • Faeries

    → descended from the faeries of legend, who first roamed this earth at it's creation, humans may find faerie ancestry deep in their family tree. though very few true blooded faeries exist on this plane, most having gone back to their home plane of Aebriasia as humans began to overpopulate, those with faerie blood are still granted access to some of their powers.
    • • faeries are not immortal, though they live much longer than most other creatures. a thousand years seems to be the end of their life span. they can be injured like any other human.
    • • faeries are able to read the thoughts of any sentient creatures that give off brain waves, which does not include vampires. they are also able to gently compell things to be done with this ability.
    • • faeries are able to generate and control beams of light with their minds, and use it to attack, to sense things, and to render a being unconscious or conscious. the light varies in color depending on the faerie.
    • • fae are able to cast vivid and convincing illusions to trick others, and this power allows them to change their own appearance, voice and some surroundings.
    • • for a faerie to jump between aebriasia and earth, like demons and asteriae, faeries must complete a ritual that is a tiring process, so quick jumps are less likely, but older & more powerful faeries find this much easier to do.

    Irish Folklore
    leprechauns leanan sidhe
  • Demons

    → beings not of this plane, demons are one of the very few supernatural creatures that are able to pop between the planes of existence at will. native to the firey planes of ioxeacia, commonly referred to as hell in human scripture, demons are cunning, mostly cruel, and delight in mayhem and destruction.
    • • demons retain human forms to walk the earth by means of demonic possession, although the human body they are posessing can be killed, demons will just be banished back to their home plane, and can return. demons posess immortality and a slowed aging process, their human vessels will never die or age while posessed.
    • • demons are commonly who witches and warlocks make their pacts with, drawing from a deep well of magical power in their native dimension and able to create leylines through pacts to give humans access to this power.. for a price.
    • • demons are beings primarily of fire, and most of their magic revolves around pyromancy.
    • • demons have enhanced strength, speed and super-heightened senses, and can take full advantage even while in a human body.
    • • a demon can also be ritually bound to a human host, often times to serve as a familiar, which they are unable to be freed from unless the ritual caster dies (the demon is unable to kill them) or breaks the magic themselves.
    • • for a demon to jump between ioxeacia and earth, like faeries and asteriae, demons must complete a ritual that is a tiring process, so quick jumps are less likely, but older & more powerful demons find this much easier to do.

    succubus / incubus cambion
  • Asteriae

    → beings of light from a plane called elysione, similar to faeries, but conduits of the stars, asteriae have been mistaken throughout the year for what humans know as angels. locked in an eternal struggle with their opposites in demons, a fallen asteriae descends to ioxeacia and becomes a demon, as seen in human scripture.
    • • asteriae pass easily for humans, though have a set of large wings that grant them flight. over the centuries to more easily pass as humans, they have learned to hide their wings unless needed.
    • • can form a protective bond with humans, similar in some ways to how demons bind with humans but with much kinder intentions. this binding is how the concept of guardian angels began in human scripture.
    • • being creatures of the stars, most of their magic revolves around astromancy
    • • often diviners, fortune tellers
    • • similar to demons, asteriae can jump between their plane and earth's, and possess immortality.
    • • for a asteriae to jump between elysione and earth, like faeries and demons, asteriae must complete a ritual that is a tiring process, so quick jumps are less likely, but older & more powerful asteriae find this much easier to do.
  • Humans

    → by far the most populous species, with their numbers far outweighing any supernatural creature. Because most humans are born without supernatural powers or strengths, many supernatural creatures, particularly vampires, have a strong tendency to underestimate them. This often proves to be a fatal mistake, as humans can still be very dangerous when sufficiently provoked.

    mediums psychics
  • Beyond

    → we don't want to stifle anyone's creativity, and we will be allowing species of all kinds. all we ask is that the species has an easily referenceable wikipedia page that you link us.
    → for larger figures of biblical & mythological standing, we reserve the right to make judgement calls character by character. please ask if you are unsure.
    → we also ask that pbs reflect the cultures the species/creatures might be coming from and will not allow for whitewashing.

    → the first person to create a character of a new species will be tasked with writing up a short set of guidelines similar to the ones below (a short description and at least 3-5 bullet points) that we will approve, and others who wish to join with that species will follow those guidelines.

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